Summer Fun with Jack and June: Must-Have Swing Sets & Accessories

It is the ideal time to get ready for summertime fun with your kids as the days become longer and the sun shines brighter! With their excellent swing set accessories and play structures, Jack and June has you covered for creating a captivating and safe play space in your own backyard this summer. This is a list of the summertime swing set accessory essentials for an adventurous summer.

  1. Classic Belt Swing

The classic belt swing is a necessary component of every swing set. The belt swings made by Jack and June are made of sturdy, weather-resistant materials to last for many seasons. Kids of all ages will love the adjustable, form fitting seat, which offers endless hours of enjoyment as they soar through the skies!


Jack and June Yellow Belt Swing
  1. Trapeze Bar Swing

The trapeze bar swing is a great addition for young gymnasts and spiring acrobats. Kids can execute spins, flips, and other tricks with this accessory, which also helps them develop upper body strength and coordination. The strong and secure trapeze bars made by Jack and June offer parents’ piece of mind as their kids can freely play!

Trapeze Bar Jack and June Green and Yellow
  1. Jungle Gym

The Jack and June Jungle Gym is the ultimate backyard accessory, offering a dynamic and engaging play environment for kids. Designed with durability and safety, it features UV-resistant steel, secure molded rock grips, and available for ages 3 and up. This Jungle Gym caters to a wide range of activities that promote physical fitness and imaginative play!

Jack and June Jungle Gym
  1. Kids Cedar Picnic Table

The Jack and June Kids Cedar Picnic Table is a charming practical addition to any backyard. This table is designed with children in mind, featuring smooth edges and a sturdy construction that ensures safety and longevity. Its natural finish blends seamlessly with outdoor environments, making it perfect for kids’ activities, from snack time to arts and crafts!

Jack and Juen Kids Cedar Picnic Table
  1. Binoculars & Telescope

Using a play telescope or binoculars, you may encourage your child’s feeling of exploration and curiosity. With the help of these gadgets, your children can engage in imaginative play and go on stargazing expeditions or backyard safari’s. Jack and June’s telescopes and binoculars are designed for longevity and fun in mind.

Jack and June Telescope Add On
  1. Wooden Sand Box

A classic addition to every backyard playground is a sand box. The sand boxes designed by Jack and June provide endless opportunity for creative play. A sand box is an excellent way to stimulate young minds, whether it is used for making sandcastles or searching for buried treasures. Jack and June have you covered when it is time to cover up your sand box for the evening with the sand box cover, designed perfectly to fit over your sandbox keeping unwanted items out.

Jack and June Sand Box
  1. Safety Features

Finally, but just as importantly, make sure your swing set has all the necessary safety measures to ensure a summer full of fun! With their swing set accessories, Jack and June puts safety first. They include safety handles and secure anchors to make sure your kid’s playtime is safe and enjoyable!

Jack and June Safety Feature Anchor Hook

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