For more than eighty years, our aim has stayed the same: To help more people experience the passion and enjoyment of darts. From professional players to casual players, Unicorn is for every player.


Unicorn steel tip darts, favored by professionals and enthusiasts, boast precision and quality with finely engineered tungsten barrels for optimal balance. Enhanced with advanced grip patterns and aerodynamic flights, these darts offer superior accuracy and consistency, preferred by many world champions.



Unicorn soft tip darts, designed for electronic boards, feature durable plastic tips and tungsten barrels for precise flight control, catering to both casual and competitive players seeking performance and safety.



Unicorn DartBoards + Darts

From Beginners to World Champions, Unicorn Darts provide a quality range of darts, dartboards and accessories for every game, every way of playing, and every place you play. Over 85 years of experience and world-leading innovation has created the winning double that makes Unicorn products trusted around the world. Unicorn darts have won 90 televised tournaments including 21 World Championships – more than double the total of any other brand. That’s quality you can trust. Join team Unicorn and start winning today!

Team Unicorn has amassed a record number of PDC Tournament Wins (350+), including 17 PDC World Championships, 26 Major PDC Titles, and an impressive 45% win rate among all PDC Major Titles. A proven brand, unbeatable darting innovation, and an empowering story. We're glad you're here!

Unicorn Darts, elavate your dart game to new heights. Our range of steel tip darts is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of both casual players and seasoned professionals.

Crafted from premium materials and engineered with precision, our steel tip darts offer exceptional balance, control, and consistency with every throw. Whether you're aiming for the bullseye or targeting specific areas of the board, our darts are designed to help you hit your mark with confidence.

Explore our diverse selection of steel tip darts, featuring various weights, styles, and designs to suit your preferences and playing style. From sleek and streamlined designs for speed and accuracy to heavier weighted darts for increased stability and control, we have something for every player.

Whether you're honing your skills in the comfort of your home or competing in a professional tournament, trust Unicorn Darts to provide you with the finest steel tip darts that deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Elevate your game and dominate the competition with our premium steel tip darts today! Shop now and experience the difference that quality steel tip darts can make in your dart throwing experience. Play with precision. Play with confidence. Play with Unicorn Darts!