Expert Dartboard

This premium-grade bristle dartboard is tournament sized board measuring 18” x 1.5” and utilizes razor thin, staple-free spider wire and Grade A Kenyan sisal for maximum scoring potential and virtually no bounce outs. When it’s time for a replacement board, simply remove the board and replace it with a new Prodigy board.

Bullseye Vision

Fully Automatic Scoring

Our Patent Pending Bi-Ocular Dart Recognition Technology combines cameras, infrared lighting, and state-of-the-art location algorithms making Prodigy the most accurate smart dartboard on the planet. No need to hit a reset or next player button after each throw, simply remove your darts and the Prodigy board knows you’re finished and moves on to the next player for a truly seamless playing experience. The system can even detect and correctly identify robin hoods, bounce outs, and missed darts.

App and Wi-fi


Transform your mobile device into a full feature scoring platform with our smart scoring app. Ongoing app updates allow you to continuously upgrade your system with new features, games, sounds, and graphics. The integrated app provides a simple, secure connection to your device and allows you to add your Prodigy to your home network. Once connected to your home network, it will remain connected and available for instant gameplay.

360 Degree Illumination

Our 360-Degree Illumination provides tournament quality lighting conditions by eliminating all shadows from the dartboard. LED lights are integrated into a protective surround which also eliminates any glare. Find the perfect lighting level for your environment by adjusting the LED brightness.


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